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A Letter From My Future Self

Dear Jeremy,

It is always a pleasure connecting with you. The last time I wrote you still doubted where you could be in the next 3 years. Now it is clear to see that you have learned how powerful your mind truly is. I see someone who has grown so much. You walk with purpose and clarity. Thank you for connecting with the last conversation we had and understanding how important clarifying your values was. We both know your values have been clarified for awhile ever since you created your mission statement. It is clear that you no longer are the person that needs to share your mission statement, your are someone who lives it. I do have to be honest with you something I know you are willing to hear, life doesn't get easier you just get stronger and better at accepting the challenges as they are. You have become the transitional character in your family. The cycle of trauma is stopped by your continued efforts to create healing in your life and the life of others. You no longer need to focus on the traumas of your family history as your focused has changed, to focus on the resilience that is within your DNA.

You are an example of love. As you know how acts of self-love have freed you. Peace isn't a destination you are seeking it is a choice that you get to make daily. Someone told us long ago become someone the world needs. If you could truly see you from where I sit, you would understand you took notice to that message. So, I sit here writing you this letter to remind you to continue to live your values everyday. With consistency anything is possible. Hold onto this until the next time I write. The boys have become examples of the values you live by. I am letting you know that you are making the world a better place just for that reason. Life is a blank canvas you get to create on daily through your experiences and how you frame those experiences. All things are but lessons as you cannot lose something that was never yours. The most important message I want you to remember is, I Love You!!!

With Gratitude,

Your Future Self

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