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Best Friend or Worse Enemy

What does it mean to be your own best friend or worse enemy? For me this comes down to the language we use to describe our experiences. It is hard to find beauty when the focus is destruction. I stayed in a constant state of F**k it and the results were true to the manner in which I primed my brain. Most of us spend very little time trying to understand self and this can create a skewed relationship of self. Being able to identify areas that need improvement is an act of love. Learning to embrace our shortcomings is a practice of self-love as well as learning to befriend yourself. In reality it was hard to be my best friend at first and I had to learn to befriend the worse enemy that lived within. Once you understand the power of choice excuses can no longer be made. You can show up for self as your greatest support or an anchor of despair. The dopest part of all this, its your choice. Choose wisely!

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