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Building a relationship with Self

This has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. Up until 2015 I spent a majority of my life trying to make the world fit into my ideas or beliefs. It wasn’t until I started to build a relationship with self through daily writing that I figured out how to belong. The journey went from outward to inward. Taking charge of the only thing I control which is ME. I have learned to accept the world and everything in it. This is easier as I understand my own struggles trying to manipulate the world around me so I feel as though I’m in charge. Nothing in life comes without hard work and dedication. I created non-negotiable arrangements with self that I would spend more time trying to figure me out then I would trying to figure the world out. This is how I found my peace. It came by searching not by waiting. It came by educating self to find what my truths are in life. With each individual they will differ. The gift of searching made things available in the pursuit of truth. Some of the most important gifts I have received was strangers becoming healthy mirrors. Never once telling me my potential. Only helping me see that potential within myself. I rather find peace with the man in the mirror while the world is falling apart vs. finding peace in the world while I’m falling apart.

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