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Gratitude is a key that unlocks many doors. It is a practice that anyone can engage in. A beautiful reminder of what is, what you have been through, where you currently are, and how far you can go. Being grateful is more than a feeling, it is a state of being that allows us to be present in our current situation.

The practice of gratitude can be performed anywhere. I strongly recommend a set time to begin your gratitude practices. Not only setting a time but memorializing the practice through writing. Too often we say we are going to remember and if you haven't written things down or used another method of tracking we forget. There is so much sensory information that we have to deal with and we only have limited ability to digest this info as human beings.

In recovery we are taught to make gratitude list. I add my list to my self reflection process of journaling. By building a relationship with gratitude, I get to look at all my challenges through this lense. Trust me I am not saying gratitude is full proof. I am still a human being who is perfectly flawed. I use gratitude as a reframing tool to allow my focus on situations to remain aligned with the three values that guide my life Integrity, Love, and Compassion.

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