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Healing the Never Attainable Goal

I know it can seem very daunting from the title of this post. I assure you the title for this post is very accurate in my experience of healing. Healing is a never attainable goal that we get to show up to each day. I say get to because that is how I understand everything in my life today. The only thing I have to do after being born is die. So life is a serious of choices and decisions I am willing to make. The one constant that is certain is change. We can never walk in the same river of life twice even if we take the same path. The river is always flowing and so is life. We can rest assure the one thing we have complete control over is our response and action to any situation. That is why I personally believe healing isn't even a goal. Goals are just destinations we expect to reach. Habits on the other hand produce goals without even setting them. Which one of us isn't afflicted by pain. Pain is a universal connector when we truly understand it. The ego tries to separate us through our individual experiences of pain. Something I say all the time you aren't the first human being going through what you are currently going through, and you will not be the last.

Suffering on the other hand is personal to each individual and it stops the moment we take ownership of what we are going through. Ownership is the starting point of all change and healing. Once we understand where we are, we can begin to choose the actions necessary to remove what is causing the suffering. I believe healing has two forces one that pushes and the other that pulls. The pushing force can be difficult to accept because we may not be ready to move in that direction. The pulling force helps us stay in motion. The thing that pushed me in the direction of my own healing was my family. I wanted to prove to them that I was more than my suffering. I also wanted to restore what it means to carry my last name. The pulling force happened a couple years into my process when I connected with my intrinsic value. The way in which I wanted to continue to live.

What I have seen in many people who are ready to begin their healing journey's is a level of excitement that can die out after a couple months. In the recovery field we call this the "pink cloud" or "rose colored lenses". Everything is better when you experience a lot of suffering. The maintenance to continue a journey of healing is the get to I was speaking about at the beginning of this post. Motivation is conditional and commitment is binding. Commitment is a personal contract we sign with ourselves to build the habits necessary to stay on our path. Trust me there are times we all fall off the path. During these times we can either go back to what was or recommit to the possibility of.

Each day we are rewarded with the gift of renewal, is another day to honor the sovereignty of choice we all have as human beings!

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