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Truth and Error

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

I have been blessed to be freed from internal and external chains. My mind is no longer a slave to instant gratification. I am pleased to know that my happiness is now worked for and it is in the process that I find the most rewarding. Today I reflect on a lesson that was taught about remaining a student. A student of life I will remain to the day my spirit leaves my body. It has been through learning that I have found liberation from all mental confinements. I no longer see obstacles as barriers that are keeping me away but as lessons waiting to teach. It is in the moment of challenges I understand that an emotional connection to faith is needed. Discovering Purpose, the obstacles soon become a reminder of the hardest 18 inches in the world to travel which in my experiences is a mind and heart connection. Truth and Error have been helpful paradigm allowing me to focus on my intention and not getting distracted by others. It is through Truth that I continue to evolve and by Error I remove what has been given a real effort. Errors come after a lesson has been taken to its full experience. Meaning I don’t get to say something about a course if I have only completed 10% of it. This paradigm allows me to engage with things that I have disliked in the past and today found a Truth and vice versa with Error.

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