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We All Have Intrinsic Value

As I sit here and think about my life and everything that I've been through, I do believe each and every human being has an intrinsic value. It is the discovery of this intrinsic value that I believe we find meaning. Why else do we share a world that can be full of fear and confusion? many of us look at the hardships that we face as obstacles that keep us away from the goals that we're trying to obtain. I believe it is in the face of these obstacles that we can see if our goals we set for ourselves are aligned with our specific intrinsic value. If I'm so quick to give up in the face of adversity can I honestly admit that the goal that I have for myself is something that is meaningful for me. Once I had a clue of what purpose was in my life. It became evident now I must define this for myself. Writing is a tool of importance. Writing is a way to immortalize your thoughts, your values, and your purpose. My mission statement is my anchor, It guides me daily to live out the definition of my intrinsic value in action. In my earlier days where there was so much chaos I thought I understood my intrinsic value. It was easy to see that I was confused because meaning and purpose is to be shared with the world not to be isolated with. Most inventions that benefited humanity weren't kept secret it was shared. I challenge you to show up to the world and share your specific purpose and value. Remember you are never truly alone when you walk with purpose even though at times it can feel as so. My experiences so me it is important for everybody to experience love and if nobody told you this today from the bottom my heart I love you. I wish you nothing but love, overflow, and abundance in all you do in your life.

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