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What does it mean to be your best?

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

I have come to find in my experiences that being my best has very little to do with my comparison to others, as it does with me understanding myself. The only comparison I do today is with the man I was yesterday. This is an easy assessment of me being my best, it can only happen when I have learned to be honest with myself. So much of life is grouped in with being the top performer. If this is what brings value to the way your living this may be truthful to you. I know for myself as long as I approach life with a hardened heart I have lost my ability to feel joy. I’m one who is inspired by others feet’s of success. What kind of life is left if everyone winning only creates angst and turmoil in my life. To many times in my past I have looked at success and thought to myself that person is lucky. Sure there is space for luck, how unkind of me to discredit the work that it takes to reach any amount of success. You cannot gain something for nothing. The easy way opens you up for an easy loss. All things in life take dedication and consistency. Once this was understood showing up as my best is relative to what I am going through and my willingness to show up for self. I have found self-discipline to be the greatest act of self love. It takes commitment and staying right-sized. My best day one day could look like the self discipline of self care rest and relaxation and the next day 3 hours of writing my next book. I am really putting this out there as a reminder to be kind to yourself when being the best, as being your best is truly a comparison of self.

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