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It is human nature to struggle with things that feel are beyond our control - whether it’s our weight, being able to break free from the legal system, or defining a sense of purpose; You are NOT ALONE, you can take control of your future, but it starts now.


Learn More About Me

Life Coach. Mentor. Motivational Speaker. Author.

My name is Jeremy Pool.  My journey of recovery started August of 2014 while incarcerated. I have over 12,000 clinically supervised hours of work experience in the field of addiction while working as a drug and alcohol counselor. I utilizes both lived and professional experience, to connect with my clients to engage them in an experiential process of learning. My understanding is that healing starts with all aspects mind, body, and spirit. The quickest way to create value in someone's life is teach them or guide them. I continue to apply this philosophy in my work with others. My goal is to empower all I work with to create a personal mission statement to guide them in their journey of life. I live by my personal mission statement which was created 2 years into my healing process. "With integrity, love, and compassion I will be an instrument of change in my life and the lives of those struggling. I will continue to be someone the world needs by being the best version of myself daily to help inspire others to be the best version of themselves."

The Mission Possible Life Podcast available on Spotify, Apple, and Audible.

Effective Coaching Services

Supporting Your Success

Discover Your Purpose! Empowering Guidance & Inspiration

Life is filled with unexpected twists, and while we can't control every outcome, we can shape our response to every situation. Through my coaching sessions, you'll uncover the art of acceptance and master the ability to take charge of your choices, no matter what challenges life presents.


Unlock Your Potential: Embrace Life's Challenges

Self-development is a transformative journey, and it's a path beloved by many of my clients. It holds the key to a happier, healthier life. My role is to equip you with the essential tools and techniques for achieving a balanced and deeply fulfilling lifestyle. Through a series of personalized sessions, you'll gain the expertise to handle life's challenges confidently, no matter when or where they appear. Contact me today to book your first session and embark on this empowering journey.


Empowering Youth: Support and Accountability for Success!

Are you constantly adding tasks to your to-do list but struggling to check them off? Setting achievable goals can be a challenge without the right guidance. At Mission Possible Life, we're dedicated to supporting youth development through a range of programs, including both group and one-on-one options. Our proven approach ensures that you get the most out of life. Let's work together to create a realistic plan that empowers you to achieve the lifestyle you truly deserve.


"You cannot hate your way to a life you love"

Jeremy Pool

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