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Reintroducing Myself: Jeremy Pool and Mission Possible Life

A Journey of Healing, Empowerment, and Inspiring Change

Dear cherished readers,

I hope this message finds you in a place of peace and hope. It's with a sense of immense gratitude that I reconnect with you today, marking nine years of my personal journey to recovery, which began on August 6, 2014. These past three years have seen the continued growth and evolution of Mission Possible Life, and I'm excited to share our progress.

A Journey of Recovery and Healing

My name is Jeremy Pool, and my path to healing and recovery started nearly a decade ago. Back in 2014, I found myself at a crossroads while incarcerated, and that pivotal moment marked the beginning of a profound transformation. Over these nine years, I've accumulated over 12,000 clinically supervised hours of work experience in the field of addiction as a drug and alcohol counselor.

But what truly distinguishes my approach is the fusion of personal lived experiences with professional expertise. I've dedicated myself to creating a bridge between the two, connecting with my clients through an experiential process of learning.

Healing Mind, Body, and Spirit

I firmly believe that the journey to healing encompasses all aspects of our being: mind, body, and spirit. To me, the quickest way to bring value to someone's life is through teaching and guidance. This philosophy continues to be at the heart of my work, with a singular goal in mind - empowering everyone I work with to craft a personal mission statement that will serve as their guiding light on their life journey.

Living by My Mission

Two years into my healing process, I crafted my own personal mission statement, and I've lived by it ever since. It goes like this: "With integrity, love, and compassion, I will be an instrument of change in my life and the lives of those struggling. I will continue to be someone the world needs by being the best version of myself daily, inspiring others to be the best version of themselves."

As I prepare to transition from my role as Director of Counseling at T'Shuvah Center, an organization that has profoundly impacted my life, I'm focusing my energies on an area that has always held deep meaning for me - youth development. In recent times, I've been refining my craft by engaging with high schools and collaborating with social service agencies such as the JCCA of New York.

Mission Possible Life's Evolution

The journey of Mission Possible Life has been a dynamic one. While it began as a platform for one-on-one coaching and motivational speaking, it has evolved into a vibrant community dedicated to nurturing future visionaries and leaders. Our mission now extends beyond motivation, encompassing crucial life skills such as emotional intelligence, healthy coping mechanisms, and mentorship support.

The Power of Mindset

I'm writing to you today, nine years into my recovery journey, to emphasize the transformative power of mindset. Back in the days before I detoxed my body from the poison it was subjected to, I operated from a mindset of scarcity. My gaze was perpetually fixed on others' accomplishments, and I couldn't help but feel that their successes diminished my own potential.

Today, I understand the profound shift in paradigms that can unlock one's true purpose. Each of us carries an intrinsic value, waiting to be shared with the world. However, this value cannot be realized when we're preoccupied with what we lack. Purpose, I've come to believe, emerges when we focus on what we can give, not what we can get.

A Message to Our Readers

I want each of you to feel deeply connected to this journey because you genuinely are an integral part of it. It's not a massive marketing budget that has propelled Mission Possible Life; it's the genuine word-of-mouth enthusiasm for our approach and our unwavering commitment to our clients.

Our target audience includes parents with teenagers and young adolescents struggling with mental health and addiction, as well as anyone grappling with these challenges. I want to leave you with this thought: You cannot hate your way to a life you love.

This blog post stands as an open invitation to connect with us and engage in a meaningful dialogue. We're here to listen, share, and inspire change. Always remember, you are loved, and together, we will continue to make the impossible possible.

With deep gratitude and boundless hope,

Jeremy Pool

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