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Understanding the Importance of Knowing Your Why

It has been my experience that many have goals they want to achieve and have very little understanding of Why they have set the goals in the first place. For me the Why is bigger then any goal. There have been many times on my pursuit of goals that I have had to pivot. The Why has remained the same. At first my Why was externally motivated to help me in the beginning of my change process. I did not want to be my fathers only child that has been to prison, addicted to drugs, and impacted everyone around me in a negative way. This was enough to help me hold on when I felt like going back to a life that was easier. Eventually I needed to understand my Why in a deeper context. That’s when I developed my own personal mission statement, that not only guides but is a direct definition of my Why in life. “With integrity, love, and compassion I will be an instrument of change in my life and the lives of those struggling. I will continue to be someone the world needs by being the best version of myself daily to help inspire others to be the best versions of themselves.” This is my Why and how I show up to the world. I became the author of my story and dictate what is written in the book of my life. Discovery your Why!

On the pursuit of discovering your Why please show up with curiosity. You cannot hate your way into a life of newness and purpose. Be kind and patient in this exploratory phase. Be willing to put yourself around those that challenge you while making you feel seen and heard. Having those that support your curiosity can be the difference in execution and information overload. There is a willingness that is needed to engage in your purpose as well as developing your why. Awareness without action is the same as knowledge is power which means nothing to me. Knowledge only becomes powerful when one can apply that knowledge.

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